Big Data- Importance and Benefits!

Big Data- Importance and Benefits!

Big Data


Ever imagined how big might be a data?


Big data are so complex and huge, that the traditional software can’t handle the data load, or say traditional software can’t deal with such complex data.

Having a lot of data for your organization need is great, but the question arises where to store the data and how to use the big data for real-time scenarios?


How is big data different from cloud computing?


The two most trending topic in IT industries are the cloud computing and Big data. Both some of the times sound familiar but they aren’t!


Big Data represents the large volume of data used to extract information. Large volumes of data are generated at every second and a single PC can’t store such amount of huge data. Big data gives an insight to business owners for gathering, storing, and organizing the data.


Whereas, Cloud computing  is a kind of application (say) to not store data on servers to manage the huge volume of data rather than on a physical device. 


Where do big data come from?


It all starts with images, audio, and videos. All these pieces of information are combined and used by an organization with technologies like AI, Machine learning and improve the decision that impacts on us.Data is always generated whether we use by phones or while shopping online or by interacting with people on various apps.  


Advantages of big data


 →Cost Saving

→ Improve Performance

→ Better understanding of market condition

→ Monitor and Improve Online presence.


Cloud computing needs big data for computing. Similar, Big data doesn’t exist without cloud computing