cPanel is provided by many hosting providers to website owners so that they can manage their websites from a web-based interface.  cPanel provides with the graphical interface from where we can control portion of the Unix server.  cPanel is a Linux-based hosting control panel.

cPanel involves 3 tier structure which has capabilities for administrators, resellers, and end-user website owners to control the various aspects of website and server administration through a standard web browser.

cPanel comes with a command line and API-based access which easily allows a third party, web hosting organizations, software vendors, and developers to automate standard system administration processes.  cPanel generally has some auto installer or package dedicated to content management systems like WordPress.

With help of Cpanel now you can Create email accounts, Configure password-protected directories, Set up subdomains, addon domains, parked domains, and redirects to point visitors in the right direction, edit and back up files and folders while monitoring your website’s disk space usage, Store large amounts of data and limit access using MySQL and PostgreSQL databases and now you can also know your audience and track your website’s performance using Webalizer and AWStats.
So to avail benefits of cPanel make sure that your Hosting provider provides you with cPanel installed.