Managed or UnManaged Dedicated server !!

Managed or UnManaged Dedicated server !!



Dedicated Hosting is a kind of hosting, where you can rent out an entire server, not shared with anyone else. It is much more Flexible than any. The advantages of dedicated hosting include the freedom to use the resources of the server as you please.

There are many different dedicated hosting packages to choose. Their price mainly depends upon the setup.  Another factor affecting the Price is whether the servers are managed or not.

In Managed Hosting Services, expertise needs to maintain your server, includes the medium level of maintenance such as software reboots, monitoring, updates.
Instead of hiring own staff this is the best alternative to look after your servers. It is a way costly than unmanaged hosting. 

In Unmanaged hosting, despite being cheaper than Managed hosting, the staff needs to look after all the maintenance, upgrades and patches. There is little to no kind of involvement from the service provider. It includes hardware maintenance like hard drive failure and extra technical support, but you need to pay extra little for such support.

Whether you choose Managed or Unmanaged, depends on the technical requirement of your site. If you give assurance that your staff can handle most of the maintenance problems then go for Unmanaged Server.
But if you feel your staff is not capable of handling the technical issues then Managed Server is most preferable. A dedicated server managed by the host comes with a higher price tag.

However, When you are fully responsible for all the all little technical issues, from installation to upgrading the patches you are into Unmanaged server hosting.

Managed hosting is a way more expensive than unmanaged hosting.

In a simple way, if you are capable of handling downtime or applying security patches if software problem occurs, go with the Unmanaged dedicated server.
If you can balance the Budget and want the fewer task, Managed dedicated server is a good option to go with.