Reseller hosting!!

Reseller hosting!!

Reseller Hosting:

This is a type of webhosting where the account owner has the power to use hard drive space and bandwidth to host websites on behalf of third parties.
i.e Reseller purchases the servers in wholesale and sells them to other customers, which results in him as a profit.

Resellers can also rent their servers. For renting, In dedicated servers space is partitioned and the account owner will keep required space out of partitioned one.
The rest, they will sell to others in the form of shared, VPS or dedicated servers

Advantages of Reseller Hosting :

1. Customer Services: As a reseller, you only need to focus on customer queries and the technical support.
2. Inexpensive: To start a company, Reseller hosting is an inexpensive way for webhosting entrepreneurs.
3. Sell and Earn: As a reseller, you can create your own service plans and decide the price structure.
4. Flexibility: Choose your hosting plans from a wholesaler and offers flexibility to your clients according to there needs of services.
5. Reliable: Build trust and loyalty with your clients.

The data centre is responsible for maintaining the technical issues its maintenance, hardware, infrastructure and also for updating the server.
Reseller hosting does not need a deep knowledge of technical terms of web hosting. A Reseller finds out his own customer by advertising the offers.
The Reseller is not responsible for any technical issues, it is directly forwarded to the server provider from whom the reseller plan was purchased.

Reseller Hosting – Earning?

If you become successful in providing the services you promised to clients, the possibilities are infinite to earn more from Reseller hosting.
For a start in the field of Webhosting, Reseller hosting is a way to start a hosting company with lower overhead.