Web hosting can be defined as a service that allows one to upload there a website or web pages onto the Internet. Web hosting can be also known as a business which serves you with the latest technologies and services for the website or webpage which can be viewed on the Internet. There are three types of Webhosting.

a) Shared Hosting: Shared hosting can be simply explained as a type of web hosting where one single physical server hosts multiple websites. It is the very basic hosting and cost very low depending on your data of which need to be hosted on the server. Shared hosting can be used a small business, beginners and those who have a low budget.

b) Reseller Hosting: Reseller hosting can be a good choice for one who wishes to start with his own Webhosting services. Reseller web hosting includes one company which is a hosting provider renting hard drive space and bandwidth to another company who act as a reseller, then rents the space to an actual customer. 

c) VPS Hosting: Virtual Private Server a server just close to a dedicated server with limited access for Bandwidth and Hardware but a dedicated one can be explained as VPS hosting. For many purposes, they functionally equivalent to a dedicated physical server.

d) Dedicated Server: Here client leases an entire server.  Dedicated Servers without sharing with anyone and have access over the full server, it also give you full control over Operating System and Hardware. In Webhosting services, the user rents the server, Internet connection, and software from the Web host.